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Design Documentation. Before new major features are added to Mantra, our developers must write up design documentation. This includes what problem this feature solves, any pre-requisites, how the feature will work, and the API users may use to make use of it.

Sourceforge Project. Mantra uses sourceforge for much of its project administrative needs (bug tracking, task tracking, etc). This is a link to the main project summary page (below are links to specific areas).

Task Tracking. Every feature we add to new versions of mantra has a task associated with it. The task tracker allows us to keep track of what needs to be done, who is doing it, how far along it is, etc.

Bug Tracking. Unfortunately, every non-trivial application has bugs. This is where they can be reported and tracked until they are fixed. Please remember to check to see if your bug has already been reported before submitting a new one.

Feature Requests. Have a great idea for the next version of Mantra? Here is where you can submit it for approval. We recommend you first discuss it in our feature requests forum with other users, and refine it there first.

Support Requests. Although we recommend asking the user community of Mantra when you have a problem (either in our help forum, or the general mailing list, or both), if this has failed, and you need an actual developer to help you, then you can submit a request here (note: this is guarenteed to be slower than asking the community).

Patches. If a bug has been found and fixed after a mantra release, we will often post a patch for it on our patches site (and will close the patch once the next release that contains this fix comes out).

Source Code. If you would like to browse our source code, or the entire history of every file in our source code, then we have put a web interface to our CVS archive online for you to browse!



Future Features. Before submitting your new feature to our feature requests page, why not submit it here first! Here is where users can discuss potential features, flesh them out, gather interest and find out if it is even practical.

Help. If you're having problems of any kind with Mantra, you can ask for help on this forum, where other users will try to help you with your problems. Please remember to search and see if your problem has already had a solution posted.

Open Discussion. Here you can discuss anything about mantra not covered by the other forums. Feel free to tell us how you're using Mantra, what you like/dislike, etc.


Mailing Lists

mantra-general @ The user mailing list for Mantra. We recommend all users of Mantra sign up to this list. As with the help forums, you will find much community support here, as well as other discussions about mantra.

mantra-beta @ If you are using beta versions of Mantra, we ask that you sign up to this list. This list discusses only beta editions of Mantra, and any issues with them.

mantra-alpha @ As with the beta list, this list discusses only alpha editions of Mantra, and we recommend you sign up if you are testing an alpha version of Mantra.

mantra-translators @ Interested in helping translate Mantra into other languages? This is your list! Please note, this list contains posts in many different languages.