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Who are we?

The Neuromancy Society is a group of people dedicated to creating quality, re-usable software. This group includes software engieers, documentation specialists, translators, testers and a variety of other people necessary for the smooth operation of any project.

All members of the Society are volunteers, and have varying backgrounds from all areas of computing, from enterprise systems to consumer-grade. Not only does the Society pride itself in its quality software, but also its ability to teach new programmers to follow its methods, that they too, may produce quality software.

All products of the Society are released free of charge under the Artistic License, that all programmers - commercial or open source - may benefit from our works. The Neuromancy Society is always accepting new members who wish to volunteer their time and energy to our cause, and are willing to learn or empart their experience on others (note: our goal is to teach people to be better programmers, NOT how to program).


The Neuromancy Society was the brain child of Preston A. Elder, creator of Magick IRC Services. Preston saw that much of the code in Magick could benefit many programmers out there, for a variety of tasks, if it could be taken out of its task-specific environment. As such, after the release of version 2.0 of Magick, he decided to form the Society, with its original members being the members of the Magick Development Team.

While the Society does still maintain Magick, it now has several other projects, and is always looking for new ideas for creating new re-usable libraries that may be used by other developers. Magick remains simply as a project that allows us to display a practical use for these libraries.






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Contacting Us

For all projects, you may contact us at [projectname]@ neuromancy.net, or visit the project page for that project at http://www.neuromancy.net/projectname for further contact details (mailing lists, developer groups, etc).

For general information, you may e-mail , for questions about our web site you may e-mail .

If you wish to contact us by mail, you may send mail to:

The Neuromancy Society
PO Box 215
Thornwood NY 10594
United States of America