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About the Design Team

Who is on the Development Team?

Magick IRC Services Development Team is headed up by Preston A. Elder (PreZ) and William King (Ungod).

The development team is open to any who wishes to join. As long as you are familiar with the technologies used by the team and have all the required knowledge, its as simple as emailing and giving a brief history of your background (and affirming you know the required stuff).

Other members include:
None yet.

Technologies used by the Development Team

Magick as of 2.0 is designed to work under both 32-bit Windows platforms and all UNIX platforms. As such, various members of the team use compilers such as Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, Borland C++ 4, GCC 2.95.x/3.0, and Sun Workshop 5. It is a requirement that Magick must compile on all of them.
For source control, we use the Concurrent Versioning System (CVS). This helps maintain an archive of all changes, and makes merging of code alot cleaner.
Magick is also designed to work with a variety of different IRC daemons, old and new. Magick should function almost the same no matter which IRCD is in use.
Finally, for overall project management, Magick uses sourceforge's project management system to do all our bug tracking, task management, etc.
If you wish to join the Development Team, you should be familiar with at least some of the above, and have compiled/used magick before -- preferably even gone through the source code a little.


Magick is designed to be multi-lingual. With 1.x, you would compile the language file you wanted into Magick, but with 2.0, multi-lingual support was built in from the onset. To this end, we are solliciting people willing to give up their time to translate the Magick language files into a variety of languages. If you wish to become a translator, please email and tell us the language you can translate Magick into. You can find a list of the currently translated files, and the last date/time they were updated on our List of Languages site.

Other Members of the Design Team

Our Webmistress Lilith.

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