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What is Magick?

Magick IRC Services are a program made for the Internet Relay Chat protocol (RFC 1459). They are designed to allow users to register and keep their nicknames and channels, send messages to other users, and allow IRC Operators and Admins more control and flexibility over the entire network. Magick is distributed freely under the GNU Public License.

Why use Magick?

Services (ChanServ, NickServ, MemoServ, HelpServ) are often a powerful attracting force for users to ANY network. They allow users to register their nicknames so that they don't go through tiresome packeting, etc to obtain it, and allow them convenient functions such as setting their web page and email, and recording when they were last on so others know where to contact them, and if they are due on.

Services also allow users to register Channels, circumventing the often disruptive practice of Channel Takeovers. They allow the founder to say who gets access, and how much access, and who to automatically kick from the channel. They will even maintain the access list when no one is in channel, or keep a channel invite only or key'd.

MemoServ is a feature all users love, being a way that users can leave messages for other users to receive when they get online, or a way to leave a channel 'news article' to save messaging all regulars of a channel! There are even allowances for memoing say, all IRC Operators.

The most common reason for using services however, is OperServ. OperServ does things such as Clone and Flood protection to regulate abusive users, but it also allows IRC Operators to add such things as Auto Kill's to kill a user from ANY server on the network, set a message for users when they log on, send a message to all users, various channel and user lists (regardless of +s/p or +i modes), or JUPE a troublesome server.

Services add power and convenience to any IRC Network, giving users the convenience they want, and IRC Operators the power they need.

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Magick is dedicated to the memory of PreZ's loving sister, Stacey Louise Elder (1st Jan, 1975 - 25th Feb, 1998). She has been there for me more than anyone over the years, and I was distraught when she died, may her Lord love her as much as I did, and keep her safe like I could not. Merry Parting, Dear Sister.

Magick is also dedicated to the memory of Ungod's brother Edward Kevin King (28th Aug, 1982 - 21st Nov, 1997), His life was short, but his memory is great, never will those who knew him forget him.



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