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Magick I was originally based of Andrew Church's EsperNet services (now known just as ircservices). When I was looking for some services myself, back in 1996, they were recomended to me. I started looking through the code, and found a few bugs, and also thought of a few enhancements that could make the product better. I went and fixed the bugs and made the enhancements and sent the patch back to Andy Church. I got a very curt reply saying that it was HIS project, and he didn't need my help. I decided then that I would go and make my own. So I started making ALOT of my own changes, originally keeping the name 'services'. In case you're wondering, yes, the bugs I found WERE fixed in his next version of services.

Pretty soon I found out that A LOT of people were choosing my services, and even switching to them. Soon the ambiguity of the name 'services' started confusing users though, so I decided to rename my services to Magick (after 10 releases using the old name). I also created a new website, and kept working on them. At its height, its estimated about 60-70% of all networks using services, were using Magick. Magick also became quite popular with developers, and there are several versions of services floating around that are based on Magick, including a port to Windows! Contrary to popular belief, I dont disapprove of this practice, I encourage it -- I even consider it flattering.

I continued until Magick 1.4, when it became apparent that no matter what I did, the EsperNet base I used was falling apart - especially on larger networks. I had 3 choices, either continue as-is, until it was totally useless, grab a newer version of EsperNet and re-apply all my changes (which were QUITE substantial), or code my own services from scratch, with no 'base' code. Finally, I decided on option #3. As such, Magick I is no longer being developed, and the last version is 1.4, which is still in use in many places.

I've enjoyed the experience Magick I has given me, and I'm a much better programmer for it -- and I appreciate all the thanks and tokens of appreciation I've received, its gratifying knowing that people like what you do.

- PreZ


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