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Changes in Magick I


1998/01/20 .4

  • Added configuration file (see DOC dir) (Ungod)
  • Added messages.h to customize Magick output.
  • Added SYNC_TIME (dbase save) showing option
  • Made MODE strings (User, Channel, ChanInfo) DYNAMIC
  • Fixed AutoUpdate on databases (and DB cleaning)
  • Fixed fuckloads more bugs (as usual).
  • Added killing for repeated password failures.
  • Added LIVE (non-fork) mode (CTRL-C forks).
  • Added MS REPLY, NS ACCESS CURRENT and NS SLAVES functions.
  • Bundled with RFC1459 and FTP mirroring software.
  • Fixed memory leak in process().
  • Probably alot more thats not documented.

1998/01/20 .3

  • Added MLOCK +i and +k support (ChanServ will keep channel if noone in it!).
  • doc/Distribution -- READ it (and all files in that DIR!) :)
  • Removed time_zone and added the "X time ago" formats
  • Fixed lots and lots of bugs, and optimized alot of code!
  • Replaced IRCOP_OVERRIDE with OVERRIDE_LEVEL (6 levels)
  • Added TimeZone support for backup services (fixes timings)
  • Added auto -v and -o for non-access'd people off split
  • Added Nick Linking (BIG MF of an addition)
  • Replaced old IGNORE with Flood Protect (smarter system!)
  • There are lots more little additions, but too many to document.

1997/12/30 .2

  • Added new revenge level (REVERSE, now NONE will do NOTHING).
  • Fixed a few minor bugs (with unsuspension, breakdown percentages, and handling nick collides, etc).
  • Moved Services OP list to a access list-style format.
  • Removed the SUPER_PASSWORD - now only the SERVICES_ADMINS (hardcoded in config.h) can do that :)
  • Added removing by number to ALL lists now :)
  • Added OperServ MASKLIST (like USERLIST but accepts user@host).
  • Removed the magick.msg and magick.omsg in favour of the new OperServ LOGONMSG and OPERMSG commands :)
  • Wrote both user and oper documentation for ALL commands!

1997/12/15 .1

  • Optimized code and implemented hash tables (if you dont know, dont worry - just take it as a good thing!).
  • Added some of Andy Church's services routines (overflow stuff, some socket stuff, and the configure script mainly).
  • Removed upaccess - people should have used it, or not need it.
  • Added MemoServ OPERSEND.
  • Fixed user/oper counting when SQUIT.
  • Fixed ghost command and Channel/Nick expiry bugs.
  • Added Users on Servers breakdown (OperServ)
  • OFF/ON commands now close/open logs aswell.

1997/12/08 .0

  • Forgot the new services.h for Services 3.0.9, included here.
  • Variable ChanServ levels implemented (finally).
  • Added deletion of user from access lists, and all a user's channels when a user is deleted.
  • Moved names for services to config.h
  • Magick services know more about their own actions (don't laugh!)
  • IrcOP's don't trigger clone protection (are ignored).
  • Added ability to use PRIVMSG instead of NOTICE.
  • Added ChanServ JOIN ability (some like it - I don't).
  • Added ChanServ REVENGE module, for protecting userlist.
  • AKILL and CLONE may now be removed by number.

Changes in Services 3.0


1997/11/30 .9

  • Little maintinance (checked all various compiles, etc).
  • Fixed MAJOR bug with list-duplication on re-connect.
  • Minor bugfixes and adds (OFF reasons, pidfile fix, etc)

1997/11/26 .8

  • Changed the way CLONE detection works (MAJORLY!)
  • Added "CLONE" for allowing more than "Default max clones"
  • Fixed bug that didnt reset "current online" lists.
  • Added "is already there" and "kill all matching" to akill
  • Added chanserv Auto-Unban for when ppls are banned on a channel by someone equal to or lower than them.
  • Capped the chanserv levels (to stop the "10000" bug).
  • Fixed the chanserv UNBAN option so it does ALL bans.
  • Added 'bounce bans on link' for def_level[2]+ (10 usually)

1997/11/20 .7

  • Fixed a few bugs (nickserv IDENT, Globals and Mass -v's)
  • Removed SKELETON defines - obsolite by Pick 'n' Choose.
  • Removed test/ directory - was old, outdated and useless!
  • Added (optional) mask restrictions to USERLIST and CHANLIST.
  • AKILL mask's must be >7 chars in length (stop *@*.com).
  • Added Services Restart/Reconnect - see config.h for details.
  • Added Services Leveling to replace READONLY - better way of implementing backup services versions, etc.

1997/11/10 .6

  • Fixed up the "Pick 'n' Choose" section of config.h so it now actually makes the end result smaller :)
  • Added ChanServ and NickServ SUSPEND/UNSUSPEND functions
  • AKILL's will now expire after a time specified in config.h
  • Added PAKILL - non-expiring AKILLS settable by SOP's
  • Channel/Nick memos will get erased with the channel/nick
  • Added ON/OFF so u can enable/disable services without QUIT
  • ON, OFF, QUIT, SHUTDOWN and RAW are passworded (config.h)

1997/11/05 .5

  • Implemented DAL4.4.15+ Services Support, Including:
    • Killing users without a Killed (IrcOp (reason))
    • Server and Nick quarentining via. OperServ
    • Setting of nick's modes with MODE command.
    • CHANGE nick instead of KILL it on nick protection
  • SOP's get help for their commands in /msg OperServ HELP
  • Memo Forwarding To/From Nick/Channel (in any combo)
  • Message to users when they /oper (services.omsg)
  • Made use of the till now unused def_access in chanserv.c

1997/10/30 .4

  • Added support for DAL4.4.15+ servers.
  • Moved up all chanserv levels by 5 - 5 is now auto-voice.
  • Added /msg operserv listsops (FINALLY!)
  • SOPS now need to be /oper'd to be SOPS (oops)
  • Oper override of chanserv now #definable (in config.h)

1997/10/22 .3

  • Fixed a bug in ignore (was stuffing ACCESS list)
  • Added OperServ Mode #channel returning current modes
  • Opers can override chanserv op/deop/invite/unban
  • SOPs can override chanserv clear

1997/10/21 .2

  • Added READ ALL to MemoServ (channel and nick)
  • Added ability for oper to op, deop, invite, unban (ChanServ)
  • Added ability for SOP to use clear (ChanServ)
  • Added hard-coded /msg HelpServ Credits (so sue me).
  • Added memo IGNORE list to nickserv.
  • Fixed the nickserv SET IRCOP function

1997/09/15 .1

  • Only Lvl 20 or sender can delete channel news
  • Fixed bug in NickServ that Mis-Saved URL/NICK fields

1997/09/15 .0

  • Services now respawn if /kill'd
  • Message to users when logon added (services.msg)
  • Disabled @* (and @*.*, etc) AKILLS except for SOPS
  • Disabled @* (and @*.*, etc) AKICKS except for Level 20's
  • Created FILE_VERSION 3 (autoconverts from 2)
  • Added NickServ URL and EMAIL fields (v3)
  • Added ChanServ URL field (v3)
  • Added NEWS system (Basically Channel MEMO's)
  • Added IRC Operator NickServ flag (no nick expiry)
  • Added ChanServ level 20 (can set all but PASS and FOUNDER)
  • Added CURRENT TIME to info displays


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