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Changes in Magick II

(not yet released) .0

  • Fully multi-threaded (can do >1 thing at once)
  • Database saves in XML and supports compression and encryption. Is also no longer endian specific.
  • Works on most *NIX and all Win32 platforms.
  • Fully multi-lingual (log files, help, etc).
  • Supports DCC file transfers and a filesystem (memo attachments, nickserv pictures or public FS).
  • Times saved in GMT, so timezone inspecific.
  • Committee-based, can also add new committees.
  • Can now lock any SET option (except text fields).
  • Supports HTM (High Traffic Mode).
  • Supports ALOT more IRC protocols (and alot of their more specialised features) and can switch irc protocols without need to recompile.
  • Can now set time limits on akills.
  • Supports IRC Operator Deny (ensures mask can't oper).
  • Services ignore now ignores by mask, not nickname.
  • Supports TRACING, for on-line debugging.
  • Has SQUIT protection (to save on IDENT's).
  • Many new ChanServ features like Kick On Ban, timed ban removal, channel greetings, on-join messages.
  • Nicknames & Channels now have a NoExpire flag.
  • Time delay on memo sending to allow continuance or cancellation of memos, or DCC of file attachments.
  • 'Read' and 'Unread' status on memos / news articles.
  • Supports multiple connection entries (aka. C/N's).
  • Can bind to a single IP address.
  • Supports multiple nicknames for same service.
  • Limits placed on time between registrations and amount of channels a user may own.
  • Clone prot will auto-akill for too many triggers.
  • Added the ability to output logfile to a channel.
  • Expanded ON/OFF command to allow turning off of one service only, just log files or the events engine.
  • Added Secure Server listing ability (ie. if we dont have a listing for the server, squit it!).
  • MANY, MANY, MANY more enhancements.


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