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Magick at Sourceforge

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This is the main base of operations for all NEW developments in Magick. Source Forge offers an easy and clean way to manage the Magick project.

Task Tracking

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This page lists the tasks that are slated for Magick. Check this out if you want to see what new features are on the horizon, and whose working on them.

Bug Tracking

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Bugs? What bugs? If you think you've found a problem in Magick, report it here, or check to see if its already reported and a workaround available.

Feature Requests

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As the name suggests, if you think you have a new feature that would be cool in magick, suggest it!


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Need some help? This is where you go to request support on Magick.


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When we DO fix stuff in Magick, and its important enough that we don't want to wait for the next release, we will post bug patches here.


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If you're the type who likes to see the latest and greatest, you can browse the latest up-to-the-second source code for Magick.


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